Coyote Lake, 20 June 2003

by Sean McCauliff

point, I'd like to see any ORs from those that visited Coyote last evening. Somehow, the silence tells me of the conditions.

The silence is more indicitive of lazyness than poor conditions.

Weather: There was some wind until about 10pm after that there were occasional gusts, but it was otherwise still. At around 10:30 I needed to turn on the kendrick on low. It seemed to be clear until about 11:45, then there were some clouds creeping in from the south. I left at around 12:20 there was still alot of good sky, but the constant racket from the racoons finally got to me.

TelescopeLX200GPS 10"
Eyepieces35mm Panoptic, 17mm Nagler, 12mm Nagler

There were some clouds to the south. Went back to M13, the computer said this was currently at 87deg 20min altitude @ 11:45, at 70x this almost looked like a photograph. I spend the rest of the night looking at this and the ring nebula, also an amazing view of it.