Mt. Hamilton, Sat 6/7/2003

by Jeff Crilly

Nice report, James. I'd like to add a couple additions, and a link to the images....

From: James Turley:

Location: Mt. Hamilton, 4200 ft
Date: Sat 6/7/2003
Instrument: 36" Lick f/19 Refractor
Mount: 14.5 tons with Custom Motor Drive in RA
Eyepiece: 55mm Plossl

Couple other minor facts...

Focal Length: 36" f/19 works out to ... 17373.6 mm
Magnification: With the 55mm plossl (only eyepiece supplied that night): 315.9x
Type: Achromat.
Mfr: Alvin & Clark
6" finderscope.
No Telrad.

Fyi, no Goto on this baby, but there are analog setting circles at the observer position removing the need for binos to see the circles on the mount. (However, the analog setting circles do have an offset which must be added/subtracted in.)

The highlights of the evening (and an astronomical image or two) are at this location:

Jeff had some lunar imaging projects in mind.

See the above album for results.

All in all, a fantastic night. Definitely zero suck factor. Very warm and dry outside the observator, though a bit breezy - short sleeve weather.