Quick OR on FP 6/1/03

by Jeffrey Crilly

What a hectic weekend.. MB friday, then down to Coe saturday (where I managed to get a few apparantly decent photos out of the night), and to the peak on sunday.

When I arrived at FP around 7pm or so, there was a fair bit of wispy high stuff, but it appeared to be right over the peak. These disapated.

Transparancy was not super (and I was not expecting it to be), but once we got out of astro twilight the MW was looking pretty nice. No fog, hence some of the usual contrast sucking skyglow.

Jamie counted stars for (iirc) a mag 6.6 or so sky.

There were five of us down by shed; another observer showed up for an astro-photo project and setup up at the top pad.

Weather was warm.. short sleeve weather.. though the slightly annoying bugs mandated a light jacket.

Late in the evening there was definitely some blockage down on the southern horizon.

Around 4:30am, I finally headed down the road with sky starting to lighten. What a short (but enjoyable)night.