More Galaxies in Leo

by Tom Campbell


May 31, 2003

ObserverTom Campbell
LocationSomewhere in Southeast Kansas (Long: 95W 12' Lat: 37N 48')
EquipmentDiscovery DHQ 8" dobsonian
Eyepieces1.25" Plössls - 25mm (49x), 15mm (81x), 10mm (122x), 6mm (203x)
Time10:15pm - 11:00pm CDT (03:15-04:00 UT)
TransparencyMostly Clear (7/10)
SeeingMostly Stable (7/10)
WeatherTemperatures in the 50s. There was a slight breeze.

Observing Summary
LEONGC-3190, NGC-3193, NGC-3593, NGC-3626, NGC-3640, NGC-3686, NGC-3810

Today's weather was mostly cloudy, and the weather forecast predicted that the clouds would last throughout the night. However, as evening wore on, the clouds began to break apart, and by sunset, the sky was almost cloudless. Knowing that at 10:00, McDonalds would once again turn on their promotional searchlight, I decided to pack up and head out into the country. I hoped that the sky would remain clear long enough for me to bag a few more Herschels.

When I arrived, there were only a few small clouds along the horizon. However, my observing chair was dew-covered within a few minutes. The sky conditions weren't the best, but it was at least clear, and with that large searchlight, conditions were a lot better here than they would be at home.

NGC 4450Coma BerenicesSpiral Galaxy10:15pm CDT
RA: 12h 28m 29sDec: +17° 05'Mag: 10.9

This galaxy was found by starhopping from 6 Com to M 100 and then on to NGC 4450. It is fairly bright with a stellar core. The best view was at 88x.

NGC 3593LeoSpiral Galaxy10:30pm CDT
RA: 11h 14m 37sDec: +12° 49'Mag: 11.9

This galaxy was a little brighter than I expected. The core was stellar and gave the appearance of an edge-on spiral. It looked like a long, thin sliver of light. The best view was at 49x.

NGC 3626LeoSpiral Galaxy10:50pm CDT
RA: 11h 20m 04sDec: +18° 21'Mag: 11.8

This faint, elliptical-shaped galaxy had a stellar core with averted vision. I could barely make out its orientation. The best view was at 49x.

NGC 3640LeoElliptical Galaxy10:50pm CDT
RA: 11h 21m 07sDec: +03° 14'Mag: 11.4

This was a small, faint galaxy with a fairly bright stellar core. It was slightly oblong, but the shape was difficult to determine. The best view was at 81x.

NGC 3686LeoBarred Spiral Galaxy11:15pm CDT
RA: 11h 27m 44sDec: +17° 13'Mag: 11.9

This galaxy was really faint, appearing as nothing more than a slight brightening of the background sky. The best view was at 49x. It was located next to a bright star, which made viewing it even more difficult.

NGC 3190/3193LeoInteracting Galaxies11:25pm CDT
RA: 10h 18m 06sDec: +21° 50'Mag: 11.8, 12.1

NGC 3193 is slightly brighter than NGC 3190 and is slightly elongated. Its core is stellar with averted vision. NGC 3190 was next to a bright foreground star and was difficult to determine its shape. Its core was also stellar, but the galaxy was smaller.

NGC 3810LeoSpiral Galaxy11:30pm CDT
RA: 11h 40m 59sDec: +11° 28'Mag: 11.4

This galaxy was extremely faint and fairly small. With averted vision, the core almost appeared stellar. The shape was difficult to determine, but it appeared round.

The sky conditions were starting to worsen, and Leo was starting to sink down in the western sky, so I decided to call it a night. There were still four more Leo galaxies on my list, but all were too faint for me to see in these conditions with my 8" dob. I'll have to try again on a more favorable night.