Montebello 5/30/03

by Jeffrey Crilly

Just a quick note about last night at montebello...

What a night.. I got there around 7:30pm and the place was blanketed in fog... but it was clear about 50 feet down the road.

This fog kept moving in and out... undulating. Everything was wet... three others had already setup, and I was figuring it was going to be a washout, so I left the gear in the car.

As it got dark, marek put his scope away; and some of us debated driving to coyote.

Then, around 9:30 or so (once Marek's scope was thoroughly stored), and somewhat after astro- twilight, the fog receded dramatically, the humidity dropped, and it appeared to me that the temp rose.

What a night it was turning out to be... totally unexpected. Anyhow, I setup around 10pm (in the dark as usual).

It was the classic montebello.. without the wind, due, or fog... typical skyglow, but still pretty dark with rising MW action... And it just got better. We ended up staying till just after 2am.