Lunar Eclipse: Saw it but...

by Richard Navarrete

Richard Navarrete
My wife and i drove up into the Oakland hills to see the eclipse, but the sky was very hazy in that direction and we could make out the eclipsed moon. My guess is that it was also a very dark eclipse.

Richard Crisp
I saw it pretty clearly from Castro Valley, but it was too low in the sky to see from my backyard. I took a drive down the street a bit and could see it better. I managed to miss the totality though, having caught it just past. It was a nice little sliver though and my mother in law really liked it. Unfortunately my wife was crashed out on the couch and could not be moved...

It is really neat seeing such a phenomenon!

Ivor Barker
It was truly amazing, as the moon moved out of totality, the sunlit areas made the parts in shadow more red in appearance.

William G. Schultz
Took the family up to Coe. We got above most of the murk, but still couldn't make out the disk until about 20:30.

Kids loved it. Wife froze.

It was 46 degrees up there, windy and moist.

A nice show, however! Glad we went!!

Eric Ayres
It was ok from Millbrae... I got some pictures, I will put them up on my site in a day or 2...

Alexander Avtanski
We observed the eclipse from the street in front of the apartment complex in south San Jose where we live.

The sky was pretty clear and the view was great. We made a picture some time after the total phase - nothing special, but of you have nothing better to do, here is the URL: