SF on Saturday

by Michael Swartz

I almost made it.

I went to Scopecity in the afternoon and after talking with Charles there I thought I had the directions right. So, I headed west on Geary and looked for a parking lot near the Cliff House where there would be room to have a star party. I found a place around 4:00pm and didn't see anyone so I figured I was just early. So I set up my Tak Sky90 with the solar filters on it and enjoyed looking at the sun. Quite a few people who were walking and biking around stopped for a view and conversation. Around dusk a few most people showed up but seemed uncertain we were in the right place. I really didn't know any better so I just kept doing what I was doing and hoped for the best. As darkness fell we took to looking at the moon, Jupiter, Saturn a few doubles and such. There were only 4 of us there and a number of people who were just walking around. Later Sam and Maria from Scopecity stopped by and were wondering where everyone was.

Only later did we find out that we were just around the corner from the rest of the crowd. We missed it .. by that much.

Sorry I missed the rest of the group but we had a nice time anyway.