Another Sat MB OR

by Marek Cichanski

Ditto Bob J's sentiments...

It was cold, it was dewy, with a fog bank hovering nearby and glowering at us. The moon was bright, the transparency wasn't great, and the seeing was mostly so-so, although it had its moments.

But, as Bob said, it was really nice to get out. I actually set up in daylight, and then gave up and tore down while still in daylight, thinking that we were about to get hit by the fog wave. I had a very enjoyable couple of hours shooting the breeze with James and Rich, but all the while I was agonizing over whether or not to set back up. We mooched many nice moon views off of Peter's 15" dob while we were chatting. (Peter's scope is very well collimated - it gave some wonderfully sharp lunar views.)

Finally I set back up and mostly looked at the moon, plus a few bright Messiers. It was a Kendrick night, that's for sure.

We were heading downhill at about 12:30, and I was quite glad just to have gotten out. I'm hoping that it's an omen of more good weather to come.