MB Sat. Night Summary

by Bob Jardine

I never thought I'd write an OR that could be summarized like this:

Very bright moon, quite cold, very wet (dew), seeing mediocre, transparency sucky, got there late and left early, didn't see too much. Boy was it great!

Seriously folks, after all of this grim weather, it was great to get out, even though the night was mostly a bust. There was a nice turnout, too...Marek, Peter McKone, James, Rich, two others I didn't know, and a few visitors (from Stanford, I guess).

I got there late (attended my son's high-school play first), waited for the 'scope to cool down a bit, then spent some time on the Moon and Jupiter. I checked out a few double stars, but I was still getting some tube currents. Then everything dewed up. It was seriously cold by this time...this is May??? I left around 12:30, and everyone was either gone or packing up by that time.