Coyote Lake

by Sean McCauliff

I just wanted to see something...The CSC said I might be able to.

Start time25 April 2003 11:30p End time: 26 April 2003 1:30a
TelescopeLX200 GPS 10"
Oculars26mm plossl, 17mm Nagler

Using the Orion Deep Map 600 to find what might be in the holes in the clouds.

Kendrick at 70%

JupterYeah! Alignment worked, I might get to see something. 26mm, cloud bands where visible. Just think how sad it would be to be under a cloud band larger than the Earth.
M83which I missed last time I was out looking for M objects. Saw nothing.
NGC 4038there was a fuzzy there.
M1317mm, So many stars. I watched it for awhile, the stars and the lumpyness. Nice to see it again.
M1017mm, I could resolve some stars. I went to adjust the chair and it was gone.
NGC 693917mm, This was very exciting open cluster. I thought there was some hint of nebulosity, or where those just clouds? I will look at this again on a better night.
M2917mm, Bright gems slid into view. They were only clearly visible for a few minutes before becoming dimmed by clouds.

I waited for about 20 minutes before packing it in.