Lake Sonoma tonight

by Robert Leyland

The CSC were a bit odd for LS last night. they showed a patch of very high density cover from 9 to midnight. It was actually quite clear throughout the evening, and just got a bit soft around 1:30 AM (when I was packing up).

No report from me this time, as I was just candy watching, having arrived late after a Sonoma County Astro Society event.

Just a few quick notes about the night.

There were upwards of twenty vehicles and more observers, and it was good to catch up with friends we hadn't seen for a bit.

Jane was there, and valiantly working her telescope despite sleep deprivation :-)

Steve G. magnificent new Starmaster made it's first deep sky outing, and Steve was happy as a clam in a warm current.

Norm and Linda had a new toy that involved more gadgets, whizzmos and a CCD display that was peeking at galaxies all over the place. The hit of the night was the shot created when Dave (from Visalia) inadvertently directed a pulsed green laser over the viewing area. This created an interesting dot-dash line across the image.

Len Nelson came up got a few good views, except for the one of M40 :-), along with Bob Johnston of SCAS, with his Nexstar.

The SFAA contingent was there in force too, Bob Naeye, Bob Berta and many others I didn't recognise.

Dave Silva was happily working through his Herald-Bobroff atlas (nice charts).

Conditions were quite favourable, despite daytime wispiness, and CSC warnings; warm weather and clear skies prevailed.

A fun night out.