Friday Night Observing Report

by Brian Zehring

After being led to near tears by Mark's heartfelt plea for us to leave our technocratic world of armchair astronomical debates and return to our first love, I decided to abandon my wife and young daughter for the evening and go to BC.

It totally sucked.

We started out with little wind and many clouds and the wind picked up as the night went along. The CSC wasn't even close. We were completely clouded out, didn't even set up. Anyway, to top off a crummy night a certain person showed up at the end (with a box full of new eyepieces) as if to mock us and our optimism about waiting for the sky to clear up. Alvin sent me a satellite photo of the weather tonight and there was a mass of dark clouds from here to Davis, with the rest of the state completely clear. It seems I will have to avoid an area 100 miles in radius centered in Davis to be succesful, so I think we are headed to the bay area tomorrow. I am at a loss to explain the data vortex that caused the error this evening in the CSC.

But I think we all know who is responsible.....