Conditions at MB last night

by Phil Terzian

Mark asked about the conditions at MB last night.

When I arrived at 6:00 it wasn't looking good. Lots of high scud and there was some of that cold fog threatening from the South that had already made its way to Skyline. But as darkness approached it started to clear, and by 8:30 or so the sky looked pretty good. I was imaging and I noticed that the guider was correcting only very small errors, my was of assessing seeing. In other words, I thought the seeing was better than average. Looking at Jupiter through Kevin's 7" MakNewt seemed to confirm that. The temperature was down in the low 40s but the humidity was also in the 40s, bone dry for that venue. There was virtually no wind. More scud was starting to form up and pass through by midnight when I left. By the time I got to 280 the temperature had dropped about six degrees, so there was a temperature inversion present.