Coyote 3-21

by Rob Hawley

Well the weather forecast for Sat looked pretty grim so I headed for Coyote on Friday. The visual magnitude seemed worse then other times I have visited Coyote, but I did not do a thorough measurement. It started out pretty windy, but as the sun set it calmed down to a couple of MPH. By 8PM the sky was completely clear. Temps were in the 50s dropping to the 40s by 11PM. By 11PM the humidity was approaching 100% and the transparency was further degraded. The moon was up by then anyway so it did not matter. The seeing was pretty good given the early surface winds.

I spend almost the entire evening on the Virgo group especial the M84/M86 area. I did see the GRS on Jupiter about 8PM as the sky was darkening.