SFAA City Star party Report

by Jane Houston Jones

Several Tacos and lotza SFAA folks brought telescopes to the second SFAA City Star Party of the year tonight.

17 telescopes were set up within sound of waves lapping at the shore of the GGNRA. This is high above the water, not on the beach or anything. Some big SCTs - in the 11-inch range, lotsa dobs, plenty of refractors. Stacy was there. Rashad was there :-) Michael was there. Kerry Sagar brought not only two homemade dobs but a Galilean refractor which I used in my talk. Also, a telescope which was for sale for some time was sold.

We had our f/9 AP180EDT set up and I gave a talk about Jupiter before dark. Probably about 80 guests showed up, not too much of a crowd, but people who were interested in learning how their telescope worked, or interested in seeing some cool views. A nice crowd. Those 80 do not count the telescope operators and their pals so add another 20 - 30 to the party.

Callisto shadow transit was striking through the 180. Mutual event Europa and Io conjunction was amazing to see. The two moons were so different in size and color though the 180. Rich, I hope you caught it too.

As far as I am concerned, the SFAA City Star party was a great place to bring telescopes tonight. For me, a short 20 mile drive with mimimum hassle, plenty of great friends to hang with, and some decent views through great telescopes.