La Honda

by James Adams

Thanks to Ken Lum, William Phelps, and Jerry for sharing their scopes, knowledge, and humor with my friends and neighbors. We had about fifty people who stayed a long time, mostly families with several children, who ooohed and aaah'd over the sights. Viewing was very steady, though a bit heavy, until about 11 P.M., when it got murky. After most folks left, the high haze disappeared and it got very dark, though dew was a problem.

This was the second successful star party we've had here, and people are starting to bring their own scopes and get involved. I think we might be ready to start a semi-regular local group of observers. The kids especially were captivated by the high quality views of the planets and the Moon.

It means a lot to me to get to this point, where I can share my enthusiasm and interest in astronomy with local friends and families.