Observations of Abell 1367

by Bob Czerwinski

ObserverBob Czerwinski
DateMarch 5-6, 2003
Observing Time7:00pm to 4:00am PST
LocationFremont Peak State Park, 3646'N 12130'W, El. ~2800-feet
MoonWaxing crescent, 2-days-old, 8:45pm set time
Equipment18" f/4.3 Newt/Dob e/w Telrad and Paracorr
Eyepieces17mm-133x (default) & 12mm-188x TV T4 Nagler; 5mm-452x, 6mm-377x & 8mm-283x TV Radian (magnifications include Paracorr)
FiltersNone in use
Sky ConditionsZenith LM 6.3; transparency 8/10; seeing 9-10/10
Temp/R.H.7:00pm: 46F/37%; 9:00pm: 45F/39%; 11:00pm: 45F/71%; Midnight: 45F/70%; 2:00am: 45F/38%; 3:00am: 41F/41%; 4:00am: 39F/43%
CommentsNo fog below the Peak. Extremely steady skies. Occasional puff of a breeze from the west. No moisture/dew.

Observations of Abell 1367

Some of this may be quite premature, but the forty galaxies I logged from Fremont Peak the evening of 03/05/03, which were within a degree or so of NGC 3842, are listed below. All of these were observed with my 18" f/4.3 Newt/Dob, with magnifications ranging from 133x to 377x. I don't know how many of these particular galaxies are truly associated with Abell 1367, and I still need to verify that the positions, identifications and descriptions listed in TheSky are accurate. I still have a *lot* of homework to do here, mainly through the NED site ( http://nedwww.ipac.caltech.edu/).

As I went along, my very poor excuse for "brightness" descriptions just became more and more subjective, so don't put much faith in these. As is obvious, I didn't spend much time on any one galaxy. Once I had it identified - generally in a small group environment - I just logged the faint fuzzy without any more of a personal description than I have here.

In addition to the items listed below, I have six other galaxies listed as "suspected." There are many more galaxies relatively nearby, too, a few of which may well be part of Abell 1367. I definitely plan to spend a few more nights here.

In the order in which I logged them, and using the primary ID as carried by TheSky:

NGC 3842Brightest galaxy in the core group
NGC 3837Probably second brightest
UGC 6697Probably third brightest
NGC 3841Very faint
NGC 3845Very faint
NGC 3844Very faint
NGC 3840Very faint
IC 2951Very faint
UGC 6683Very, very faint
MCG3-30-71Very, very faint
MCG3-30-76Very, very faint
MCG3-30-78Very, very faint
MCG3-30-85Very faint
NGC 3860Faint
NGC 3860xVery, very faint (Is this 3860B, with CGCG97-113 nearby?)
CGCG97-113Very, very faint
MCG3-30-92Very faint
NGC 3861Faint
MGC3-30-98Very faint
NGC 3873Faint
NGC 3875Faint
CGCC97-138Very faint
UGC 6719Faint
CGCG97-133Very faint
MCG3-30-83Very faint
CGCG97-111Very, very faint
MCG4-28-43Very faint
NGC 3884Faint
UGC 6725Faint
MCG4-28-47Very faint
NGC 3851Very faint
NGC 3862Faint
NGC 3859Faint
NGC 3867Faint
NGC 3864Very faint
NGC 3868Faint
NGC 3883Faint
NGC 3884Faint
MCG4-28-48Very, very faint
UGC 6743Very faint