Solar spot visible 030403 - OR

by Stacy Jo McDermott

Just stepped out of the office for a few minutes to view the solar spot on Sol. Pretty interesting, pretty cool. Since I have the ST 80MM in the truck, I slapped on the Orion solar filter and looked at our Sun with a 15mm Parks 5 element eyepiece...nice and the clouds were/are skirting the sun.

There are two spot groups with the northern most group consisting of 1 large spot with about 3 smaller spots trailing after it...reminded me of a cook quinea grain. The other group is south of this and from what I can tell, consist of one spot

Conditions in San Bruno are breezy, sunny with patchy clouds (cottonball types) and about 57 degrees f (but it feels like 41degrees) RH is 55%.

Lat: 37.61831

Long: -122.41557

Woowee, got me some observin' in today! ;-)