Solar spot visible 030403 - OR

by Jane Houston Jones

Yo, that spot is huge - about 2-3 earth diameters if you count the penumbra. I brought my TV 70mm f/6.8 Ranger+Coronado H-ALpha filter and 14mm Orion Lanthanum eyepiece plus my 6-inch f/9 solardob with 25mm Kellner+yellow filter to offset the green welders glass to SF City College today for Sun Day. About 200 strudents and faculty stopped by for a look, astronomy classes, microbiology classes, strolling students all came out for a look. The TAs stayed the entire time. The head of the astronomy department and the teacher who invited me stood by one of the telescopes (they had their own Meade LX10 with white light filter and explained the views and answered questions alongside me. Nice way to spend a Tuesday.

It was so sunny I got a bit of sun burn. :-)