by William G. Schultz

Last night's transparency was not as good as it had been for my past two outings at HCSP. I was able to sketch one object that was ~ mag 14, which wasn't bad for a C-11 OTA.

As you and others sacked down for the evening, I kept forging through the H44-2 listing until dawn, along with the "Lone Imager" with the little truss tube EQ mounted Newt.

I noticed I started having trouble with what should have been easy targets, straight overhead. I had not realized that we had hit the magic 98% RH level, and I was shut down at about 4.30 - 5:00.

It was a good night, but after four years of near exclusive observing at that site, the conditions were nearer to the norm rather than the good extreme.

Speaking of targets, I was able to significantly dent my Ursa and Coma targets. I was even able to search through Herc, which was straight overhead when I had to shut down.

I was happy to see old fave M-13, but the experience was like viewing through a hair sprayed filter: very diffuse, but pleasing nonetheless.

Warmer days are coming!