Fremont Peak

by Bob Jardine

Mark Wagner wrote:
I hope everyone at FP, Dino and Lake Sonoma had as good a night as we did at Coe last night!

Thanks; glad to hear it was nice there. I had a relatively-miserable night at Coulter row. Don't ask me why I was there, it's a long story. But it will never happen again. The sky wasn't bad, and dew wasn't a big problem...but...

I have a new "Ryan's Rule" for Coulter Row:

Every 20 or 30 minutes, just when you are starting to get dark adapted again, the drunk teenagers camped about 100 meters away will turn on their car headlights again, and of course, they are pointed right at you.

Next time I threaten to set up on Coulter Row again, somebody slap me. Please.

I hope everyone else had a great night!