Coyote Sat Night 3/1

by David Crabtree

Thought I would chime in using Marks guide.

LocationCoyote Lake
Type of ScopeOrion XT10 F/5 Dob using mostly 40mm and 25mm Plossel's
Temp50's at Sunset. Very low 40's at Midnight
% Humidity70-80
Wind5 knots early to breezy late coming from the north

Six observers ignored the clouds in the late afternoon sky and set up. Three by sunset and the rest after dark. There were two or three drive through cars early in the evening but as the Outlets in Gilroy shut down, the light dome faded somewhat, and we had the place to ourselves. The Ranger came by only once to wish us well. While waiting for cool downs there was conversation, hot drinks and I think I heard some flute playing. Ummmm. Anyway we all seem to be looking at M objects off and on in prep for the marathon. Sorry not to be more specific but by the time I got my record book out it was a bit damp. M81/82 resolve easily as a pair and was best in the 40mm.The 25 resolved each, but I liked the wider view. My 3x barlow did not help either. M104 and the Virgo Cluster were there but not well. Dew was all over everything but the mirrors and I packed it in a little after midnight.

Any photon is a good photon through a scope, and I appreciate the TAC people helping me find them in my eyepiece.