Montebello OSP

by James Adams

Dennis was already set up when I arrived, just after dark. I brought a 10" SCT, 4" f15 refractor, 80 mm refractor, and my son's Orion 130 Spaceprobe reflector. I had so much fun with the 4" refractor, I never set anything else up.

Seeing was very good, and steady. Dennis and I were going back and forth between his 4" Televue and my Vixen, ooohing and aaahing. I had my binoviewer with two new circle-T 9 mm and 12.5 mm orthoscopic eyepieces and Jupiter never looked better; color-free in both scopes and crisp. A bit more aperture and I'm sure we could have seen the Enke division.

We had the place to our own; Dennis left a bit after ten, and I made it to eleven before I tired. Home to a hot meal and a nightcap.