Abell 12

by Glenn Talbert

Abell 12 (PK198-6.1) is mislabled in the Herald-Bobroff atlas. The atlas shows an unlabled PNe (chart C-53) where the open cluster NCG 2169 should be. SA 2000 has the correct location (chart 11)

Telescope usedC9.25
Magnification used138x Having cloudy skies here for nearly 40 consecutive days, I did a bonehead mistake, I unknownly used the Orion 17mm Lanthanum eyepiece (138x) thoughout this session, I intended to use the Nagler 12mm (195x). Not complaining, just wanted to use more magnification. Both eyepieces do look similar in the dark.
Filter usedOIII

Abell 12 (PK198-6.1)Planetary nebula in Orion. Located nearly behind the bright (mag 4.1) star Mu Orion (Mu Orion is the closest naked eye star NNE of Betelgeuse). This bright star did infact hamper with observing this PN (Abell 12 is a mag 12.5). Some very faint nebulosity could be seen surrounding this star. It resembled having a fine mist on the optics. I was expecting to see some nebulosity dominating either one side of the star, however that was not noticed. I was not able to see any disk structure, moving Mu Orion out of the field did not help.

Here is an image of Abell 12 (scroll half way down) http://www.astrosurf.com/aaaov/Vie_des_adherents/CCD/ccd_obs.html

It's been said that Abell 12 can be seen in an 8" scope., ......And then there's the "Light cup". We shall wait and see.....

Abell 12 is not a showpiece object, but bagging my first Abell planetary object is quite a prize in itself.