Montebello 29 Jan

by Richard Crisp

I finally managed to make it back up to Montebello last night. The weather looked mixed earlier in the afternoon but was really nice and clear up there. The temp was coolish but pleasant and the humidity dropped after the sun set.

I saw Peter McKone and Bob Jardine as well as Mike Swartz and a friend of his who's name I did not catch.

Marek showed up too before I had to leave around 7:30.

Bob Jardine pointed out the Zodiacal Light to us as the sun set. It was really prominent. I'd have overlooked it thinking it was just a light dome, but it is in the wrong place to have been a light dome!

I did not bring a scope, but had some binocs with me.

The seeing was pretty darned good. Especially so considering the weather we've been having of late.

Peter's 15' Discovery was showing an excellent view of the Trapezium in M42, with six visible stars.

I also saw a good clean split of Castor before having to run off.

It was really nice being out up there again.