Localized Seeing

by Bob Czerwinski

Marek Cichanski wrote:
(I'd like to report on how well the fan improves the performance of the scope, but the seeing last night was gawdawful here in Palo Alto.

The seeing was *very* nice here in south San Jose last night, but the night was certainly cold. 38-degrees at midnight and 34-degrees at 3:00am (don't ask!) - and crystal clear. Just figured La Luna was responsible for the steady seeing. <grin> Moisture on the 'scope all night long, but not on the optics. Humidity definitely on a steep increase after midnight, too. Still crystal clear at 5:05am ... but completely socked-in by fog at 5:10am. Wow! Was that fast action! (Kinda cool to watch, though!)

Very surprising that the seeing was so different, just 20-miles apart. I didn't take my first gander through the 'scope though 'til 11:00pm.