Shadow transits in another time zone :-)

by Jane Houston Jones

Thanks to Bob Cz for wondering what the heck I was talking about with a shadow transit last night. It was just a red barge in the SEB preceeding the GRS which was not yet visible. I had forgotton to change the location on my SkyMap Pro 9 and Palm software after returning from the east coast - actually each of my Palms :-) had a different location. The weird thing was that there was a star showing on my software where Ganymede really was last night. The correct lineup was all four moons on one side: Europa and Callisto close together, then Io and then Ganymede.

I now return you to your regular programming while I, on the other hand will be changing the location back to 37N 122W UT-8 on my various astronomical software programs and various computers.