Coe 1-4-03

by Rich Neuschaefer

Shortly after Phil left Coe the clouds cleared nicely. Thanks, Phil! ;-)

The seeing slowly degraded. I stopped observing about 12:30 am. I wouldn't be surprised if the seeing got better after 2 am. The fog helped block come of the light from S.J.

There were maybe 15 or 20 people at Coe. The temps were mild and just a light breeze. There was some dew on my truck window. No dew on my scope, but I was using my dew zapper. I was using my AP 130mm f/8 EDT.

Saturn looked very nice. The Cassini Division was clear. You could see different shading across the rings. The Crepe ring was easy. No problem seeing the major banding.

I don't think any of us saw the Crab. While we were looking through the clouds there was a glow around Saturn but I'm sure it wasn't the Crab. I tried UHC, OIII and Ultra Block filters. No Crab. I should have tried the Crab later when the sky was clear by moving Saturn out of the field. Phil and I tried moving Saturn out of the field but that was when there were still clouds.

After 10 pm the night wasn't bad for deep sky viewing.

Not bad, but a Crab less night.