Coe 1-4-03

by William G. Schultz

Sorry I didn't log on earlier, as I was pretty badly sleep deprived. I got into bed at 07:30 this morning.

Phil's leaving apparently began the process of sky clearing. At 10:30, 11:00 and about midnight, all the others in the lot (and it was crowded!) departed for more important things tomorrow morning.

Thanks to all! The combined effect was profound and immediate! ;-))

After midnight barges of opaque air began connecting up to totally blot out the city lights. The dark transparent sky was ideal for FFOs. I logged/sketched 22 H-400-2 objects, some rather being rather tough critters.

Humidity at the lot rose into the 90s, but the Kendrick heaters were able to control the problem, and the dew never really effected the observing.

The only real problem was the onset of twilight. Last night was one of my best at Coe. I believe I saw skies as dark as Herschel did during his sky surveys. The conditions were close to amazing.

As a contrast, down at valley level, it was raining when I returned to home, from the dense low level cloud cover.