Bay Area Astronomy Clubs


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Abb.Full NameArea
EASEast Bay Astronomical SocietyEast Bay
FPOAFremont Peak Observatory AssociationSouth Bay
HPSHercules Public StargazersEast Bay
HVAGHalls Valley Astronomy GroupSouth Bay
MDASMount Diablo Astronomical SocietyEast Bay
PASPeninsula Astronomical SocietyPeninsula
RAARAASRoaming Amateur Astronomical Recreation And Adventure Society
SCACSanta Cruz Astronomy ClubSanta Cruz Co.
SFAASan Francisco Astronomical AssociationPeninsula
SFSASan Francisco Sidewalk AstronomersPeninsula
SJAASan Jose Astronomical AssociationSouth Bay
SMCASSan Mateo County Astronomical SocietyPeninsula
TVSTri-Valley StargazersEast Bay
VMASValley of the Moon Astronomical SocietyNorth Bay

HPSX   X   XX   (2) 
HVAGX    X    XXX  
MDAS            X  
RAARAAS      X      Conducts impromptu excursions to far away and dark places for the purpose of fun and CCD astrophotography.
VMAS           X  
(a) Monthly meetings (h) Telescope loaner program
(b) Observatory (i) Observing mentors
(c) Amateur Telescope Making (j) School star parties
(d) Guest speakers (k) Newsletter
(e) In-Town star parties (l) Web-page
(f) Out of town (nearby) star parties (m) Membership fee
(g) Remote dark sky star parties (n) Other

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1) PAS operates the Foothill College Observatory; we also have a private site in the Santa Cruz mountains.

2) Hercules Public Stargazers: 
A 'non-club' with no dues or fees, or really any officers. We simply share the night sky with the general public in the East Bay city of Hercules at Foxboro Park, once a month during the winter and usually twice thereafter. We also enjoy visiting schools in the East Bay that wish to have experienced amateur astronomers to show them the wonders of the Sky, both day (Solar) and Night.
Please e-mail me for further information or call our coordinator, David Harris at (510) 526-5974.

3 Phone 650-579-3586.

410% discount at Lumicon, Solar observatory on Internet, 2 potluck dinners each year, club e-mail list + chat, library, awards program.