The Astronomy Connection

TAC is a open group of active amateur astronomers who coordinate by the TAC email list and website

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About this wiki / Guidelines

We put this together mainly as a free-form content management system to complement the TAC site. The main goal was to have a place to build up a FAQ page, and allow anyone to contribute the TAC FAQ. It is not meant at all to replace content on the main site. So, just a minor handful of guidelines…

  • Let's not replicate content from the site. E.g. we already have a well organized “sites” section. Let's keep “sites” over at However, it would be acceptable to add FAQ items about specific sites, etc.
  • When contributing, try to ADD to the content. Ask yourself if something you are adding, or changing, is improving the content on the wiki.
  • Let's keep it clean. No spam, please, etc etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

We're working on a FAQ for topics that come up on TAC mail periodically.

SJAA Operations

The SJAA board of directors and committee chairs use this wiki site for specific operational purposes. The main SJAA operational site, the pipeline for speakers and a list of ideas for board meeting agendas are all represented. We are also embarking on a project to revamp the SJAA website (project link)

SJAA Publicity

Rob Jaworski is chair of the publicity committee of the San Jose Astronomical Association. This site is being used as a collaborative tool to help drive the effort of the committee. Click here to go directly to the SJAA Publicity area on this wiki.

Rob Jaworski

jaworski has a space here too

Anyone got a better image for the logo in the upper left?

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