====== The Astronomy Connection ====== TAC is a open group of active amateur astronomers who coordinate by the TAC [[/tac.mailing.list/Subscribe.shtml|email list]] and [[http://observers.org]] website This [[http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki:syntax|DocuWiki]] is intended for community editing. If you are new to Wiki or want to test things, please use the wiki [[playground:wiki|playground]]. * [[http://wiki.splitbrain.org/wiki%3Amanual|DokuWiki manual]] ===== About this wiki / Guidelines ===== We put this together mainly as a free-form content management system to complement the TAC observers.org site. The main goal was to have a place to build up a FAQ page, and allow anyone to contribute the TAC FAQ. It is not meant at all to replace content on the main site. So, just a minor handful of guidelines... * Let's //not// replicate content from the observers.org site. E.g. we already have a well organized "sites" section. Let's keep "sites" over at observers.org. However, it would be acceptable to add FAQ items about specific sites, etc. * When contributing, try to ADD to the content. Ask yourself if something you are adding, or changing, is improving the content on the wiki. * Let's keep it clean. No spam, please, etc etc. ===== Frequently Asked Questions ===== We're working on a [[FAQ|FAQ]] for topics that come up on TAC mail periodically. ===== SJAA Operations ===== The SJAA board of directors and committee chairs use this wiki site for specific operational purposes. The [[sjaa:main|main SJAA operational site]], the [[sjaa:main:speaker_series|pipeline for speakers]] and [[sjaa:main:board:agenda|a list of ideas for board meeting agendas]] are all represented. We are also embarking on a project to revamp the SJAA website ([[sjaa:main:web_overhaul|project link]]) ===== SJAA Publicity ===== Rob Jaworski is chair of the publicity committee of the San Jose Astronomical Association. This site is being used as a collaborative tool to help drive the effort of the committee. Click [[[[sjaa_publicity:main|here]] to go directly to the SJAA Publicity area on this wiki. ===== Rob Jaworski ===== [[jaworski/start|jaworski]] has a space here too ===== Logo ===== Anyone got a better image for the logo in the upper left?

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