Dinosaur Point Observing Site

Use Policy:

"Site is behind locked gate and access is only on announced nights. A Gatekeeper must make reservation."

Site Description:

Dinosaur Point is located on the shore of the San Luis Reservoir approximately 25 miles east of Gilroy, CA. The observing area is a large paved parking lot near the boat ramp. The area has chemical toilets, a pay phone, potable water, barbecue grills, and picnic tables.


Latitude 37° 03' 54"N
Longitude 121° 10' 13"W
Elevation  648 ft.

San Luis Reservoir State Park info:


Dinosaur Point is primarily a winter observing site. Very high winds are typical during April - September. Toll free wind/weather number at San Luis Reservoir: 800 805-4805.


From San Jose, drive south on highway 101 to the highway 152 east turnoff in Gilroy. Follow 152 toward Casa de Fruta. Be sure not turn west toward Hollister. 152 east traverses a valley floor for several miles, then climbs to Pacheco Pass. Exit the highway at Dinosaur Point turnoff (south side of the highway) just past Pacheco Pass. Drive past Pacheco State Park a few miles down to the parking lot at lake level.

General rules for using Dinosaur Point:

1) Access to Dinosaur Point after dark is by reservation only. Only Gatekeepers can call the Rangers to make reservations.
  • a. In general, one of the Gatekeepers automatically calls the Rangers to notify them of our intent to observe during any weekend where weather and Moon potentially are favorable.
  • b. If you want to observe at Dinosaur Point on any other day, or have a question about observing there, send an e-mail to DinoGatekeepers at yahoogroups dot com. Contacting the Rangers last minute can be difficult, and impossible on weekends. The sooner you send your request, the greater the likelihood the Gatekeepers will be able to contact the Rangers.
  • c. Do not post OI's for Dinosaur Point until a Gatekeeper has
    announced it is available.
2) Do not go to Dinosaur Point unless a Gatekeeper has announced that the Rangers have been notified. If they don't expect you, they will likely kick you out.
3) The gate closes automatically shortly after Sunset. Be sure you arrive before Sunset or you won't have a way in.
4) As long as the Gatekeepers have notified the Rangers, a Gatekeeper does not have to be there for others to observe.
5) Gatekeepers no longer have to escort anyone out. Driving up to the gate automatically opens it. The gate opens inward, so stop before the gate at the designated line.
6) No overnight camping. If you aren't observing, you should leave.
7) Leave the park as you found it. Make sure your area is clean.
8) Absolutely no boats allowed in the parking lot after dark.
9) If you bring guests, you must ensure that they follow all these rules and procedures.


TAC Site Liaison:

Contact Albert Highe for more information.