Sketching at the Eyepiece

Do you have astro-sketches on a web-site, or know of a good one?

Send me the URL and I'll add it to this list.

Blackwell, John. Sketches of each Messier object and quite a few NGC's.

Kahanp, Jere. Drawings of many objects such as galaxies, nebulas and star clusters. (Messiers, NGC, IC, UGC and Abells) The drawings were done on either an 8 inch or 6 inch telescope. Good site to compare what your skectches of deep-sky object you observed with his sketches of the object.

McHenry, Larry . Includes sketches of all the Messier objects, many NGC, and some Comets and planetary stuff. Most of the sketches were made using an 8" dob. The site also includes directions on how to make a sketch.

Peck, Akkana. Moon sketches.

Peck, Akkana. Planets and Deep Sky sketches.