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Registered TAC Members:

Member Name E-Mail Regular Observing Site Interests & Comments
Michael GSSPComputers engine models
James Montebellodeep space, planetary, solar
Vladimir AfanasievContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Alan viewing and astrophotography, just moved here from chicago
David AllportContact by Web Form Montebello  
Paul Lake San AntonioDeepest sky
German Montebellonewbie
roza anbariContact by Web Form Montebello astronomy 
Mike Coyote LakeCasual observer, need help with my brother's StarSplitter 14.5.
wayne Fremont Peak
Rogelio B. Henry CoeImaging
Kristen AnkiewiczContact by Web Form Montebello  
Doug ApplegateContact by Web Form Montebello 8m Prime Focus by day, 8 
Chris ArchuletaContact by Web Form Blue Canyon Food, Wine, Kites, Bees, Beer, and oh..Astronomy 
Robert ArmstrongContact by Web Form Fremont Peak deep sky objects 
Trent Houge Parkspace
lee averyContact by Web Form   
Alexander Coyote Lake
E. H-alpha imaging and dob's
E. P. AyresContact by Web Form  Visual and ccd astronomy 
Karen viewing, talking about space, time, gravity, and light
Vittal N AstroPhotography
Scott BakerContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Murali BalasubramaniamContact by Web Form   
Mark Montebellodeep sky objects
Dwain beginner
Ivor BarkerContact by Web Form Henry Coe Deep Sky, Astrophotography 
Zuri BarnivContact by Web Form Bonny Doon Airport Still looking for the elusive tooth nebula 
Jose Acacio de Montebello
Michael BarryContact by Web Form Lake San Antonio Meade LXD55 10 
Jim BartoliniContact by Web Form Lake San Antonio ATM; deepsky observing 
Glenn BasoreContact by Web Form  new to hobby, building my first scope, open trust dobs 12.5 f/5 
Jeff BaumanContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Kate Houge Park
Mitch BeckerContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Intermediate - C5+ : Gen. Observing, Deep Sky. Enjoy Mtn Biking 
chris Dark Nebulae, naked eye observing
Dennis Deep Sky, comets, double stars
Ron BeeContact by Web Form  Observations of solar system objects and DSO through a 4-inch APO 
Tamara Houge ParkSJAA
Jeff BennettContact by Web Form Montebello  
Karim BenyazzaContact by Web Form  Deep sky photography & literature. Location : 60Km from Marakech 
Sander BerentsContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Allen beginning with an Orion 6" Starblaster (tabletop)...
Michael Beginner
Chris Chabot
Robert BertaContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Fastar/Hyperstar imaging...DSO...tweaking scopes and mounts. 
Bill BishopContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Astrophotographer 
Ron Fremont PeakCCD imaging
Nick BiunnoContact by Web Form Montebello Physics & Imaging Deep Sky 
Dave BlevinsContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Asher BlumContact by Web Form  Novice, 4.5 inch reflector, Del Valle, Mt. Diablo 
Lance BoehmContact by Web Form Montebello visual observer 
Brian S. Atm , astrophotography double star observing..
Shekhar BordeContact by Web Form Henry Coe DSO Observing and Astrophotography 
Tunde BorkaContact by Web Form   
John Henry Coe
Mark BracewellContact by Web Form Houge Park Old Scopes 
Mark P. Henry Coe
Jay BransfieldContact by Web Form Chabot DSOs 
Ronnie I write Sci-fi and go for a reality base.
Ron MontebelloVisual observing, starting into imaging.
Ray BrownContact by Web Form Dinosaur Point H2O in Livermore CA with Tri-Valley Stargazers - View All 
Marc San FranciscoNew to astronomy
Jim Dinosaur PointHollister area beginner
E. Clay BuchananContact by Web Form Houge Park Beginner 
kurt I am a bottle digger with an interest in historical maps
Dave BuettnerContact by Web Form  Deep sky 
Sandy BumgarnerContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Accurately observing and recording occultations of all kinds 
Dale observational viewing
Toney San FranciscoObservational Astronomy, Cosmology and Theorizing the Unknown
Celeste ChabotObserving galaxies, observing the moon
Dave BushContact by Web Form   
Mark MontebelloMember- Santa Cruz Astronomy Club
jeff Montebellonew and want to learn using my newly acquired ap traveler and 400
Sriram CContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Tom Visual observations of DSOs, planets, etc.
estella Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Eric CarlsonContact by Web Form  Observing and Imaging 
Tom CarneyContact by Web Form   
Doug Lake SonomaATM, deep sky, cosmology
Reginald CarterContact by Web Form   
Gene CarvalhoContact by Web Form Henry Coe Visual observation (planets & deep sky) 
Ray CashContact by Web Form San Francisco  ATMing, Observing 
Teo CervantesContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
David ChadseyContact by Web Form  Deep Sky 
Stuart ChalmersContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Cosmology, Small telescope astronomy 
Phil ChambersContact by Web Form Montebello  
Bill ChandlerContact by Web Form   
Russll ChandlerContact by Web Form   
William ChangContact by Web Form  TeleVue 4 
Jim CharboneauContact by Web Form  Astrophotography; Asteroid, Comet and Super Nova hunting 
Don Lake Sonoma
Philip ChenetteContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma  
Wei MontebelloDeep Sky, Variable, Occultation
Danny CheunContact by Web Form Chabot  
Carl ChingContact by Web Form   
Bryan ChongContact by Web Form  Casual Observer 
Nat Henry Coe
Gary ChowContact by Web Form Montebello  
Chip Houge ParkLXD55SN10
Steven MontebelloBeginning Astrophotography
Dave ChurillaContact by Web Form  Lunar and Planetary Photography - H-Alpha Viewing 
Kathleen CiampossinContact by Web Form  Novice Family begging and borrowing from anyone willing to loan 
Marek CichanskiContact by Web Form Montebello Visual observing, everything from moon to deep-sky. 
Tracey ClaibournContact by Web Form   
Stuart St. ClairContact by Web Form   
Cathy ClarkContact by Web Form   
Scott ClarkContact by Web Form Henry Coe DSO AP 
Greg ClaytorContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Michael ClineContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Bryan Primarily view/image @ Oakridge
Nuno CoimbraContact by Web Form   
Tom CollettContact by Web Form   
Jim Henry Coe
Craig Henry Coenewbie, main interest is DSOs
Michelle ConnorContact by Web Form Montebello Astronomy, RPG's, Camping,SCA 
Dick Montebello
Bruce CoonContact by Web Form Chabot  
Matt CoreContact by Web Form   
Paul Coyote Lakebeginner -- imaging and more
James Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Robert CowartContact by Web Form   
Kevin Double Stars
Rev. David K. Coyote LakeLocal dark observing locations in Fremont area
David CranfordContact by Web Form   
dave crilleyContact by Web Form  Long-time beginner 
Jeff L CrillyContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Richard Fremont PeakDeep Sky Imaging: especially galaxies and clusters
Steve Houge ParkNew to amateur astronomy
Dana Coyote LakePrimarily deep-sky, beginner/intermediate level.
Iain Montebello
Mark CurtisContact by Web Form Montebello  
Richard CurtisContact by Web Form  visual planetary & deep sky viewing 
Bob Henry CoeHunting faint-fuzzies and other DSOs
Tim D.Contact by Web Form  General Astronomy, looking for others near Zip Code 93704 CA 
Attilla deep sky and planetary observing.
Doug DavisContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Visual Planetary & Deep Sky 
Douglas DavisContact by Web Form Henry Coe Deep Sky, Planetary, Public Outreach 
Bill DeanContact by Web Form  Solar and how! 
Patrick DebaumarcheContact by Web Form Rancho Canada del Oro  
Greg DeCostaContact by Web Form   
Douglas DeelContact by Web Form Houge Park Astrophotographer 
Mike Henry Coe
Anthony ChabotBeginner @ webcam & variable stars.... Comets, Planetary Nebula
Clark work hard,then lot`s of playtime, stay young at heart.
Marc DeNarieContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Meade LX-200 12" 
Mrugesh DesaiContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Priyank DesaiContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Hitesh Bonny Doon AirportDSO, Imaging, Variable Star Photometry
Omar San Francisco
Jamie Fremont PeakWorking thru SkyAtlas 2000, esp page 7 this spring.
Tim DoucetteContact by Web Form   
robert douglasContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma visual observing 
Rob Four years in, and still a novice...
Bill ChabotAstrophotography
Inga S. DrepperContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
a.hakimduman Fremont Peakgalaxies
Paul Bonny Doon AirportDark sky, coaching football and baseball
Leigh DurlacherContact by Web Form   
Brian Fremont Peak
R EasonContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Jeff MontebelloViewing, CCD, Science
Michael EcksteinContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma  
Glenn EdensContact by Web Form Montebello CCD, VIsual, Shallow Sky, Deep Sky, Software, learning 
Leonard Lake Sonoma
Kai EggertContact by Web Form Montebello To Think 
Rick EllisContact by Web Form Henry Coe Lunar and double stars 
Bob ElsberryContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Michael EngledewContact by Web Form Henry Coe In the market for a scope and leaning more about astronomy. 
Robert Lake SonomaPlanetary observing/imaging.
Davin EniglContact by Web Form   DSOs, NGCs, Galaxies, Abell Clusters, Arps, Hicksons. 
Rob EnnsContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Kameshwar ErankiContact by Web Form Houge Park Beginner - Interested in Astrophotography 
Michael Astronomy Instructor AAU
Schuyler Montebello
jeff ertassiContact by Web Form  travel full time coast to coast year after year tor job,cool mix  
Luis EstevesContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Jim EverittContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Doug FairbairnContact by Web Form   
glenn c. fayContact by Web Form  finding dark sky 
David FeindelContact by Web Form   
George FelizContact by Web Form Montebello ATM, DSO's  
Ned San Francisco
Nikki FernandezContact by Web Form Houge Park astronomy, art, music.. 
Herman Lake San AntonioOptics, Servos, Telescope Design
Grimly Henry CoeObservational astronomy and beginer astrophotography
Eric FinchContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Al Public/Student Outreach
Otis learning
Christian FischerContact by Web Form   
Dick Lake SonomaDeep Sky, Galaxies, Quasars, Dobs,
Antonio G. Fremont Peak
Boomer Lake San Antonio
Doug Henry Coeplanets, doubles, refractors
William FosterContact by Web Form Montebello  
Dan Montebellolong-term interest - enjoy observing DSOs with mid-sized dobs
Joe FragolaContact by Web Form Houge Park deep sky;star mythology;satellite observing 
Tony FrancoContact by Web Form  Planets, Deep sky, Ham Radio-AMSAT 
Kenneth FrankContact by Web Form San Francisco Public Stuff in all forms SFSA FPOA SFAA SJAA AANC 
Thomas FrayneContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Asteroids 
Jay FreemanContact by Web Form   
Nancy Henry Coe
Nancy C. Henry CoeDeep Sky
Robert FrenchContact by Web Form Montebello New to astronomy, especially interested in astrophotography 
Edward classical music student, reading, sailing,astro-ps., glass bendin
Jay Houge Park
Andy MontebelloBackyard observing, Satellite tracking, Ham Radio
Roger FuContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Casey FukudaContact by Web Form Montebello Visual astronomy & astrophotography 
Hiroji FukuiContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Astrophotography with normal camera lens 
steve fuquaContact by Web Form  middle school science teacher / astronomy club advisor 
evan m Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Don GardnerContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Jeff GarlandContact by Web Form Henry Coe Lifelong interest but new to the area and a little rusty. 
EDWIN V. Filipino amateur astronomer
Marc GautronContact by Web Form Montebello  
Phineas St. GeorgeContact by Web Form  Total Newbie: Orion SkyQuest 4.5 Dob; Artist , Writer, Teacher 
John GibsonContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Optical design & engineering / machining 
Rick CCD Imaging
Dan GilmanContact by Web Form Henry Coe film astrophotography 
Rich Casual Observing and Outreach Events (MDAS)
Chris GlantonContact by Web Form   
Roger Astronomy and all its components
Michael GoldContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma  
Norm Houge ParkGeneral Observation, Radio Astronomy, Occultations
George GolitzinContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma mainly galaxies 
Debra GoochContact by Web Form  deep sky, shallow sky 
Jim Lake SonomaNewby
Steve Lake Sonomachallenging DSO's
Sriram GovindarajanContact by Web Form  Planetary, Deep Space, Double Stars, Meteors, The Sun, The Moon 
Frank GrahamContact by Web Form Montebello Newbie with a decent 90mm telescope 
Ray Fremont Peak
Andrea GravesContact by Web Form   
Ed MontebelloVisual observing; Learning the basics.
Andrew Lake Sonoma
Luca GrellaContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Art GriggsContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Ron Montebello
Gil GruberContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Meghan GunsallusContact by Web Form   
Paul GustafsonContact by Web Form   
Paul Blue CanyonOutreach Astronomy Education for Teachers and Students
Ron GuzmanContact by Web Form Henry Coe Newbie observer 
Sachi GuzmanContact by Web Form   
Dave HContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Robert HabermanContact by Web Form San Francisco I am a current planetary imager using the webcam method.  
Frank HainleyContact by Web Form  Observing and beginning CCD photography 
Ben HallerContact by Web Form Montebello General observing, astrophotography 
Ken HamptonContact by Web Form   
Kevin imaging, photometry, public outreach
Jim HarfordContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Easy deep sky viewing & objects of opportunity 
Jim HarperContact by Web Form Henry Coe Visual observing of DSOs 
Lisa HarriganContact by Web Form   
Brian Fremont PeakI am relatively new at this. 10" Dob 6" with Solar Filter.
Jason Lake SonomaPlanetary observing & Imaging, Satellite observing
Jason P Lake SonomaHigh resolution planetary imaging
benjamin New Theory of Space time
Kelly Blue Canyon
Rob HawleyContact by Web Form Fremont Peak CCD Imaging; visual 
Christopher MontebelloPlanetary & Deep Sky visual observ., Afocal solar system imaging
Jean Montebellocelestial mechanics and computer simulations, planets, deep sky
Greg HeikkinenContact by Web Form  New to astronomy, especially interested in photography 
Jaimie Montebello8
Richard Chabot
Christopher HendrieContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Chai HengContact by Web Form   
Rick HernandezContact by Web Form  New to astronomy. I live in San Jose and I have an 8 inch Dob. 
Bob HessContact by Web Form  Solar observing, telescope building. 
Tucker HiattContact by Web Form  I teach physics and I direct Wonderfest ( 
Albert HigheContact by Web Form Dinosaur Point Telescope building and observing from dark skies. 
pierre st. Lake Sonomadeep sky, meteor showers,aurora borealis
John HilesContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Deep Sky 
Alan HiltonContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Rod MontebelloNovice astronomer family...w/XT10i & Obie 20 x 80's
Lou HlousekContact by Web Form  casual observing.  
John Eye candy; galaxy clusters; deep, obscure surprises
mike hogaboomContact by Web Form Montebello  
Dr. Lee N. Houge ParkChew's Ridge Observatory 30" Telescope
Scott HollandContact by Web Form  Visual Observing 
Spencer Henry Coe
Jack A. HopkinsContact by Web Form   
Stu HopperContact by Web Form  Long-time beginner  
Saffia HossainzadehContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Mike HouseContact by Web Form   
Al Henry CoeAstrophotography
Ken HowellContact by Web Form   
Charles Meade LX200 scopes
Vincent HuangContact by Web Form Montebello  
Joe HuberContact by Web Form  Deep Sky 
Aaron Lake SonomaLong-time beginner and evangelist
Doug Lake San AntonioPlanetary and Diffuse Nebulae
Douglas Lake San Antoniovisual observing, telescope making, planetary nebulae
Alvin Blue CanyonTAC-SAC, Galaxy Groups, Planetary Nebulae and other obscure stuff
Tony HurtadoContact by Web Form Henry Coe Herschel 400 are done! Now on to the Local Group. 
Michael HusterContact by Web Form Mount Lassen Live in Redding. Teach astronomy at Simpson University 
Darren Henry Coe
Anand InumpudiContact by Web Form Montebello  
Dave IttnerContact by Web Form Montebello  
Winthrop JackmanContact by Web Form Chabot  
Logan JacksonContact by Web Form Chabot Visual iconic gob body seeking to see deep into the abyss. 
chris jakubowskiContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Vincent San Francisco
Bob JardineContact by Web Form Montebello Planetary & Deep Sky visual observation 
Rob JaworskiContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Kian JekContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Mark JenkinsContact by Web Form  Everything from planets to deep sky. 
Ray teaching astronomy to children
Bruce JensenContact by Web Form  Deep sky, comets, occasional planetary observing. 
Chris Henry Coe
Dave JohansonContact by Web Form Houge Park  
sherman johnsContact by Web Form   
Beth Houge Park
Blake JohnsonContact by Web Form Chabot  
Larry Houge ParkBeginner
Rob JohnsonContact by Web Form Coyote Lake deep sky observing 
Mark Fremont PeakDeepsky galaxy groups, AstroPhoto, Globular Clusters. Guitarist
Sarah E. JonesContact by Web Form Montebello Student Observer 
Ryan Chabot
Jason ChabotNewbie to astronomy, but very entheusiastic
Jeff JustesonContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma deep sky 
Jeff JusticeContact by Web Form Montebello Physics 
Arjun KContact by Web Form Montebello Just starting out 
Dan KaeoContact by Web Form   
Nagesh KanakapuraContact by Web Form  Learning to use a telescope. 
Pentti KanervaContact by Web Form Montebello Learning w/ 5-in. f/12 Orion Mak-Cass 
David KasnickContact by Web Form  OregonAmateur; author of SkyZones Observing Planner 
Michael KeeganContact by Web Form Chabot Scopes and motor control systems 
Christopher Coyote LakeDeep Sky away from home, planets at home.
Jack KellythorneContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Timothy KendziorskiContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Chris Houge ParkLove is a warm Dob, err, Refractor, uhh...Mak
Heidi and Isaac KikawadaContact by Web Form Montebello  
Jack Chabot
Rick KindelbergerContact by Web Form Montebello astrophotography, mountain biking, geocaching, hiking 
David KingsleyContact by Web Form   
Jeff Houge ParkNovice, Meade LX90, learning astrophotography
Todd Coyote LakeEnthusiastic Amateur
Peter Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
George San Francisco
Jim KovacsContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Peter Lake Sonoma
sifuei Montebello
Jay Montebello
Barry Henry CoeDark Sky Observation
Geza observing, physics, EE (grad student @ UCSB)
Jinsu Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Ryan L.Contact by Web Form Rancho Canada del Oro  
Steve ChabotField Theory, AGN, Food, Finance, Photography, Quant-Marketing
Balint LaczayContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Greg LaffertyContact by Web Form   
Greg LaFlammeContact by Web Form  Bigol'e fatol'e Newtonions for me please 
Darrell San Francisco
Mike CCD & Webcam Imaging
Craig LambertContact by Web Form  Planetary & Deep Sky 
Anders LandinContact by Web Form Montebello  
Erik Astrophotography at Bonny Doon Airport
Carl Fremont Peakdeep sky, learning to appreciate planets, doubles and solar
Bob LarysContact by Web Form Montebello  
Frederic LauridsenContact by Web Form Blue Canyon Former Director of HGO observatory 
John LawlerContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma  
Richard San FranciscoPortable Imaging
Julien LecomteContact by Web Form Dinosaur Point Deep sky visual observing with large dobsonians 
Laurie LeeContact by Web Form Montebello Auroras & Meteor Showers 
robert leeContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Denis Coyote Lake
Paul Lake San AntonioAstrophotography, CCD imaging, ATM
Richard LeiderContact by Web Form Blue Canyon telescope building interested in mirror grinding and viewing 
NORM LEIGHTYContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma New telescope owner and observer 
Sue Hunt New want to do some star searching
Maurice Lake Sonomacosmology, astrophysics, wine making
Jackson Houge Parkmonthly @ Rancho Canada
Pat LewisContact by Web Form Henry Coe Deep Sky Enthusiast with low budget equipment  
Robert LeylandContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Visual Observing: Deep Sky, Aurora and Meteors 
Christopher LiContact by Web Form Montebello  
Billy Lake Sonomapick up the hobby again since high school
Ralph Public education, deep space fuzzy things
Marcus LichtenbergContact by Web Form   
Ken LimContact by Web Form  proud owner of a brand new IntelliScope XT10 
Joe Houge ParkSJAA member since Nov. 2007
Joseph LinContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
YUHMIN LINContact by Web Form   
James Fremont Peak
Mike San Francisco
Hiram Chabot
Robert LittleContact by Web Form  Astronomy artist & budding deep sky enthusiast 
GM LittonContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Gerry Chabot
yanzhe liuContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Ivan Ivan Ljaku - my advertisement - moj oglas
Steve Fremont PeakPlanet, bright deep sky, webcam imaging, wide field 35mm
Steve Fremont Peakvisual, astrophotography
Ray LouieContact by Web Form San Francisco Casual stargazing 
Robert LowellContact by Web Form   
Russ LundContact by Web Form Blue Canyon Astronomy, Jesus, Riding my Quad w/ my grand kids 
steve Lake Sonoma
Michael LynchContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Dan Mount LassenRedding novice. DARK skies for CCD w/LX200 10
Lynn New to astrophotography.
Dale MacekContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Fil Houge Park
Sandra J. MacikaContact by Web Form   
Rob Henry CoeAstrophotography
Rob Lake Sonoma
Mohammad Rashed Al MahabubContact by Web Form   
Norman MahanContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma CCD Imaging 
David MaherContact by Web Form   
Mirko Mount LassenOld School Star Hopper. Deep Sky.
Philip Montebello
Rick MannContact by Web Form   
Gary Blue Canyon
Rashad Al
Matthew Lake Sonoma
matt Lake Sonoma
Philip MaricContact by Web Form   
david marionContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Mike MarkertContact by Web Form Montebello  
Kaye MasonContact by Web Form   
Andy Mauffet-SmithContact by Web Form Montebello  
Dwayne MaxwellContact by Web Form Rancho Canada del Oro  
Christian MontebelloVisual & astrophotography of Deep-Sky
Richard MazzarellaContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Sean Fremont Peak
Jim McClureContact by Web Form Montebello Telescope mirror making 
David McCrackenContact by Web Form Montebello  
Stacy Jo McDermottContact by Web Form Chabot  
Larry McGovernContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Dorothy McKayContact by Web Form  I am a beginner. Any suggestions gratefully accepted. 
Peter Coyote Lake
Walt McNabContact by Web Form  130 mm f5 Newtonian 
Tom Montebello
Camille MeadeContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Benjamin Houge ParkWest Valley College Astronomy Program
Jean-Christophe MeriauxContact by Web Form Montebello  
Mark San Francisco
Stephen MigolContact by Web Form Montebello DSLR widefield and Stellarvue SV4 imaging. 
Scott Montebello
Kris MillerContact by Web Form  Astrophysics, cosmic ray physics, binary asteroids. 
Matt MillerContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Hiroto MiyakeContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
William MohrContact by Web Form  Astrophysics, Latest Imaging and Theoretical Concepts 
Yusuf MohsinallyContact by Web Form Montebello  
Jim Lake San AntonioDeep Sky Observing
Alan MooreContact by Web Form Houge Park Novice. LX-200. Want to learn astrophotography 
Rob Houge ParkAstrophotography (beginner), general relaxed observing.
elena moraruContact by Web Form   
Joe MoreyContact by Web Form  General Observing 
Larry deep space
Elan MorpurgoContact by Web Form San Francisco Visual observation 
Kevin Henry CoeDeep Sky Objects
Tom MorrisContact by Web Form  Deep Sky & Astrophotography 
Tilden Henry Coe
Randy MullerContact by Web Form Blue Canyon Visual observing of the deep sky; TAC-SAC member 
Joe Blue Canyon
Todd MurchisonContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Peyton Houge ParkBeginner - just getting involved
Rick Montebello
Joyce Discovering the sky for the first time!
Keith MyersContact by Web Form  astrophotography 
Mike NafzigerContact by Web Form   
Zoltan A. NagyContact by Web Form  astrophotography, variable stars, messier-objects and 42 :)) 
Jim Chabot
Peter Fremont Peak
Sarah NelmsContact by Web Form   
Rich Houge ParkRefractors - visual use
Jason NewquistContact by Web Form Montebello  
Dan NgContact by Web Form   
Tony Blue CanyonAstrophotography
Swami Rancho Canada del Oro
Rahul NimContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
jrt Henry CoeStargazing
Rod NordenContact by Web Form  Lunar and Planetary Visual Observing 
Dave NorthContact by Web Form Montebello Eclectic 
Rudy NorvelleContact by Web Form Houge Park Bicycling, Civil War Reenacting, Amateur Radio, etc. 
Paul J. MontebelloI enjoy deep sky observing and photography
Ronald Fremont PeakSharing astronomy with colleagues and kids.
Tomasz OdrobnyContact by Web Form   
Christopher Montebello
Edward OlkowskiContact by Web Form Chabot Davis Explorit Center Member 
Chuck MontebelloBeginer CCD & 35mm photography, flexed mirrors
Bill Houge ParkStar Parties, Visual Observing, DSLR Photography
Elisabeth OppenheimerContact by Web Form   
Greg San FranciscoTelescope Building, Observing, Astronomy Collectibles
Joseph MontebelloVisual Astronomy using 8" Celestron SCT
Richard ChabotTelescope Making, Planetary Nebulae, Star Parties that Rock
Parvathi Montebello
michael packerContact by Web Form Houge Park Solar and DSO's 
Derek AstroPhotography and telescope construction
Tom MontebelloATM, deepsky observing
William Lake Sonomavisual astronomy
Victor Henry Coe
Kwan-Kyu MontebelloRe-starting astronomer after long break
Greg Coyote Lake
Bill ParkhurstContact by Web Form Montebello  
Randy Parolaropin&
Cassandra Chabotastrophotography
Dana PatchickContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Deepsky Observing 
Chris In Livermore - Member Stockton Astronomical Society
Samir PatelContact by Web Form Montebello  
Suzanne PatrickContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Deep Fuzzies, Starlore 
Andrew MontebelloAnything astronomical
Kelly PearsonContact by Web Form   
Akkana PeckContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Moon and planets 
Mike Montebello
Kelly Penhall-WilsonContact by Web Form  Casual observing mostly with my new nifty binoculars.  
Ken PergremContact by Web Form Chabot  
Glen Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Dat PhamContact by Web Form  Observing and Imaging 
William PhelpsContact by Web Form   
Andrew Montebellodeep sky
John R PierceContact by Web Form Bonny Doon Airport Coulter 10 
Rodolphe PineauContact by Web Form  Computer, robotics, Astronomy 
Roland Houge ParkFlying aircraft and looking up
Sunil kumar PissayeContact by Web Form  Amateur looking to learn :) 
Phil Observing, education, writing, debunking misconceptions
Ramesh PolisettyContact by Web Form  Astronomy Enthusiast 
Sander PoolContact by Web Form Montebello  
Bill Long-time observer and astro-enthusiast
perry preston Blue Canyonalso fish and camp
Michael San FranciscoIn-city: shallow sky, sidewalk. Out-city: deep-sky
Vikram PratapContact by Web Form   
Bruce PrickettContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Melvin Hugo PritchardContact by Web Form San Francisco Astronomy, Jazz, Camping 
Niels ProvosContact by Web Form   
Randy PufahlContact by Web Form Lake San Antonio ATM and visual astronomy 
Carlos PuigContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Paul Dinosaur PointViewing the moon... and Videography!!!!!!
Shane RaneyContact by Web Form Lake San Antonio Small Scopes, just starting out. 
Makesh RaoContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Fred RappaportContact by Web Form Rancho Canada del Oro  
Clifton San FranciscoObserving and imaging.
Chuck ReeseContact by Web Form  CCD Imaging 
Carl Houge Park
Tony ReyesContact by Web Form  Newbie/veteran just getting back into astronomy 
George Visual observing - A.L. observing clubs
Tim RickardsContact by Web Form   
Howard RidenourContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Harry RiesContact by Web Form   
Iver Fremont PeakVisual & CCD
Kevin Willow Springs 3000Deep Sky; Observatory and Telescope design & construction
Mitch Houge Park
Gib RobinsonContact by Web Form  Learning about star hopping 
Ed MontebelloBeginning CCD
Ben Super Green Beginner
Matt RodriguezContact by Web Form  Fairly new astronomy enthusiast 
David RogersContact by Web Form   
Renato del Lake Sonomadeep sky
Daniel ChabotLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Bob RothContact by Web Form   
Robin Montebello
Jay RowlandContact by Web Form   
Mike RuddyContact by Web Form Henry Coe Astronomy-Music-Golf-Hot coffee- Binocs fan 
Damon Blue Canyon
Bob Montebello
Jon RuyleContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Anju SContact by Web Form Chabot  
Maxim Montebello
Reggie SaavedraContact by Web Form San Francisco Galaxies, Deep Sky 
Becky astrophotography
Woody Henry Coe
Max San Francisco
Peter SantangeliContact by Web Form Montebello Astrophotography 
Tom SantosContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Jay SatheContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Bill SaundersContact by Web Form Montebello  
Allan Henry Coe
Stephen SchaubachContact by Web Form Montebello Astronomy (C8), KTM motorcycles, Jazz, comedy, wine, art & food 
T.J. SchellmanContact by Web Form   
Jeremy Chabot
Josh SchneiderContact by Web Form  amateur astronomy, aero/astronautics 
peter Deep sky oberving
Carter Lake Sonoma
Roger Former TAC member now in Tucson
Kevin Coyote LakeGeneral observing, eclipse chasing, ATM
Bill Henry CoeArp Peculiar Galaxies, EP sketches, etc.
Hans Dinosaur PointImaging, nebulas, and planetary
Mike SchusterContact by Web Form   
Bobby SchwartzContact by Web Form Montebello Starhopper. Observing deep sky and planets. 
Jeff San Francisco
Randall Milky Way discoveries
Mark ScrivenerContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Craig ScullContact by Web Form Fremont Peak Sketching & Observing Deep Sky 
Craig Avid Amateur Astronomer; Creator of Telescopes 101
Bill SeilerContact by Web Form  Sidewalk Astronomy 
Bert Henry CoeRelapsing victim of AF after a 2 decade hiatus
Scott SerataContact by Web Form Chabot primary/high school education, general observing 
Steve Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Robert SextonContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Mike J. CCD and photographic work of odd and unusual objects.
Nilesh ShahContact by Web Form  Deep sky observing 
James ShattuckContact by Web Form  Just getting started, more of an armchair astronomer 
Robert SheafferContact by Web Form Montebello Earth Satellites, Deep-SKy Objects 
Robert SheltonContact by Web Form GSSP deep sky visual, lunar occultations 
Chris Henry CoeStars & Guitars!
Joe ShererContact by Web Form   
David Astronomy / Hi-Fi
Shneor Shot Rock - Favorite Observing site
Ron SherrillContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Aritomo Coyote LakeCasual visual deepsky; wide-med field imaging
Eric ShraderContact by Web Form Montebello  
Michael SiladiContact by Web Form   
jagat singhContact by Web Form   
tajinder singhContact by Web Form Houge Park ATM 
Nitin Kumar SinglaContact by Web Form   
Ted SlotwinskiContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Al Fremont Peakimaging and visual
Chad SmithContact by Web Form  CCD Imaging 
David Henry Coe
Ed SmithContact by Web Form   
Eden SmithContact by Web Form  Obsession 20" owner just outside of Sonora 
Jane Blue CanyonTAC-SAC, deep sky, planetary, ATM, wine, wood
Michael SmithContact by Web Form Montebello  
Michael R.
Randy SmithContact by Web Form   
Steve SmithContact by Web Form   
Teri Astrophotography (& Bridge)
Jim Fremont Peak
Jim SolomonContact by Web Form Montebello  
mauricio Chabot
Bob Rancho Canada del OroVisual, Deep sky objects
Troy Coyote Lake
Marty SpeerContact by Web Form Blue Canyon  
Chris SpennerContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Glenn SpiegelmanContact by Web Form  CCD imaging of Deep Space objects 
Mark MontebelloGeneral with a leaning towards deep-sky objects
bean squadContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma  
Mark StafforiniContact by Web Form Chabot  
David Lake SonomaDeepsky visual observing
Ken StathamContact by Web Form   
Dennis Montebellodeep sky
Daniel StefanescuContact by Web Form Houge Park transient celestial events, deep sky, constellation lore 
Heather SteingrueblContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Douglas StemlerContact by Web Form Chabot  
Paul SterngoldContact by Web Form  CCD Imaging 
Alice StipakContact by Web Form Houge Park LX90 owner, want to try more dark sites in California 
Michelle StoneContact by Web Form  Observing, CCD imaging, supernovae search 
Bill StormContact by Web Form  mountains, oceans & DSOs 
Eric StormsContact by Web Form   
Michelle StradlerContact by Web Form   
Mark StreetContact by Web Form Chabot  
Robert Chabot
Archer SullyContact by Web Form  Archer Sully/BASS Contact 
Gopinath SundharamContact by Web Form San Francisco  
Chuck Mount LassenBeginning astrophotography
Michael MontebelloSolar and Night Astronomy, Family, Photography, Scouting
Greg SwisherContact by Web Form Houge Park Astrophysics, Photometry, Spectroscopy 
Gyula Astronomy, R/C Planes
Doug TallmanContact by Web Form Montebello Observing and beginning astrophotography. 
Jeff TanContact by Web Form   
Shubhika Houge ParkAmateur , interested in exploring.
Mark TaylorContact by Web Form  Casual, visual observer 
K. TehContact by Web Form Coyote Lake Double stars 
Rich San FranciscoLearning
Mags TempleContact by Web Form   
Rafael TeranContact by Web Form  structure and evolution stellar, radioastronomy... 
Sharon TerwilligerContact by Web Form   
Phil MontebelloImaging, visual observing
tex texinContact by Web Form Houge Park  
Phil Fremont Peakvisual, CCD
John TheiosContact by Web Form  CCD Imaging 
Randy MontebelloFood, computer architecture, and astronomy
Joel TheriaultContact by Web Form Houge Park Beginner, new telescope, learning the sky and how best to view it 
Jane ThomasContact by Web Form   
Kemer ThomsonContact by Web Form  Southern California 
Mark ThrondsonContact by Web Form Montebello Golf, Swimming, Home improvement. Have a 6" home built reflector. 
Greg Lake Sonoma
Brad San Francisco
Mark Fremont Peakoldtimer with renewed interest
angie Lake Sonomastar hopping for DSOs, brief escapes from computer dependency
Leonard TramielContact by Web Form Montebello  
Yvonne Houge Park
Johannes TrostContact by Web Form  optical instruments 
James S. Fremont Peak
Robert L TrowerContact by Web Form Lake San Antonio  
Matt Houge Parkrookie with a 10"
James MontebelloNear Glaxies, Globs, Scotch
Dylan Journalist & amateur observer
Dave Henry CoeBackyard CCD Imaging
Michael Henry Coe
Stacy umezuContact by Web Form   
Nobuo UrataContact by Web Form   
Teruo UtsumiContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Stephen Coyote Lake
Jim Planets, school events, San Jose area
Jim VarleyContact by Web Form San Francisco Science, Nature, Astronomy, Marital Arts, Photography 
Vera te Henry Coe
Nikos VenContact by Web Form   
Muralidhar Montebello
Ajay The science of Astronomy, gazing at stars and finding new ones
Prudence VergaraContact by Web Form Coyote Lake General Observation 
Fernando Houge ParkSwimming, Soccer, Surfing...
Larry VichContact by Web Form  Michigan Observer 
Danny Houge ParkLong-time beginner and evangelist, former TAC Webmaster
Stephen VogelContact by Web Form Chabot  
Steve VogelContact by Web Form Chabot  
john Coyote Lakevisual observing, getting my feet wet in imaging
Harry WaddellContact by Web Form Montebello  
Robert WadeContact by Web Form  Comets, Minor Planets, Deep Space and Solar 
Mark WagnerContact by Web Form Deep Sky Ranch Anything outside the solar system. 
Ralph Planetary, Deepsky, Astro Physics.
Steve Visual astronomy & astronomical history
Kris MontebelloI'm just beginning in this hobby, and have a Orion Mak-Cass 127mm
Bob Lake SonomaEnthusiast
Bo WangContact by Web Form Montebello  
Pam WatsonContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Jim Long-time beginner
Grant and Kathy WebbContact by Web Form Coyote Lake  
Jeff Henry Coe
Timothy Houge Park
john welshContact by Web Form Henry Coe visual observing, film photography 
Vivian Urban Observer of stars and other anomalies in space
Brad WhiteheadContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Charlie WicksContact by Web Form Henry Coe ATM, faint fuzzies 
Carol WidgerContact by Web Form  Balcony observing, scrounge refractor ATM,wandering mind 
Stephen WidmarkContact by Web Form Henry Coe  
Bob Astronomy and Cars
dave williamsContact by Web Form Lake San Antonio  
Stu Astrophotography
stewart wilsonContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Deep sky and photo using dslr 
David WindstromContact by Web Form Lake Sonoma Celestron Nexstar 8 GPS 
Lukman WinotoContact by Web Form   
Steve Coyote Lake
Rod WintourContact by Web Form   
Bud Montebello
Doug WolfContact by Web Form Montebello  
Juergen WolfContact by Web Form Fremont Peak  
Ed WongContact by Web Form Rancho Canada del Oro Viewing Deep Sky Objects & Imaging 
Ray Chabot
JEFF WOODContact by Web Form   
Denny Coyote Lake
Dave WoolseyContact by Web Form  Observing in the Livermore area (Del Valle in particular) 
Dan MontebelloObserving Satellites, and volunteering at school star parties
Michael Webmaster of the Frugal Astronomer website
Mark San FranciscoLooking for good sites near SF
Albert YeeContact by Web Form   
Jerry YesavageContact by Web Form Montebello Novice 
Jere MontebelloHerschel 400 when I get a 14 inch scope
David YuContact by Web Form   
Tat San Francisco
Shahin ZarehparvarContact by Web Form   
Jurek ZarzyckiContact by Web Form Fremont Peak like to observe the Sun 
Alan ZazaContact by Web Form Henry Coe Deep space visual, planetary observation. Photography. 
Eric ZbindenContact by Web Form Henry Coe Astrophotography 
brian zehringContact by Web Form Blue Canyon  
Peter ZeltinsContact by Web Form   
Mark Fremont PeakDeep Space

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